PC-programs for the environment areas air, noise and odor

Sales only to entrepreneurs in the sense of § 14 BGB and not to consumers.

VATThe prices do not include VAT or any other sales tax applicable.
DemoDemo-versions can be obtained per download for free.
UpgradesUpgrades are for customer who own one of the named predecessor. Upgrades are usually only necessary on guideline changes.
ShippingSoftware shipping by download.
SupportSupport per email and updates are free, provided you have essential expertise and computer knowledge..
LicenseSingle User, one PC
Prices in Euro
P&K 3783  
Dispersion calculation for incident-conditioned release (emission) according to VDI 3783 part 1 and part 2 in an integrated implementation of both guidelines.1180,-
Upgrade to Version 6
P&K KFA (VDI 3781-4)  
Calculation of the stack height according to VDI 3781 part 4.1280,-
Program for the analysis of meteorologic data and generation of dispersion category statistics according to VDI 3782 part 1.490,-
P&K AST (AUSTAL 3.1)  
Dispersion calculation according to VDI 3945 part 3 (Environmental meteorology - Atmospheric dispersion models - Particle model) and TA LUFT 2021. Comfortable extension of AUSTAL.with dialogs, assessments and illustrations.2800,-
Upgrade from Version 2.6.11 to 3.1
Multi-Core 4: Calculation will run with almost 4-fold (Quad-Core) the speed. *

Multi-Core 4: Upgrade from Version 2.6.11 to 3.1
Multi-Core 8: Calculation will run with almost 8-fold (8 Core) the speed. *

Multi-Core 8: Upgrade from Version 2.6.11 to 3.1
Multi-Core 16: Calculation will run with almost 16-fold (16 Core) the speed. *

* Requires Computer with N Cores (not HyperThread) and a lot of RAM (recommended N*4GB).


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